Our Mission


Jomelos has as mission to take care of orphans and abandoned children who do not have a home.

How does Jomelos do this? By:

  1. Providing a home for them in the case where they don’t have one
  2. Providing them with foster parents to support them financially
  3. Giving them the opportunity to acquire quality education
  4. Giving them both spiritual and moral guidance
  5. Monitoring and giving them daily advice


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Jomelos is a faith based Christian Organisation

  • NGO (Non Governmental Organisation)
  • Non-profit Organization.

Jomelos (JSLO) has been operating since 2000. We are based in the Western Region of Ghana, and have offices in Europe (Belgium) and USA (Southauen).

Jomelos is committed to improving the well being of impoverished children (0-21) in the deprived communities of Ghana.

We work towards

  • Improving access to basic Education
  • The Rights of the Child
  • Health

Our aim is not only to provide the children with food, quality care and education but to encourage the children to be creative. We also want to teach them practical skills such as gardening, cooking, carpentry, painting, sport and others.

Jomelos values every talent of child and believes each talent needs to be developed and carefully managed, if these children are to become socially balanced and productive. That’s why we have come out with an idea to build a Shelter home and school for the orphans, needy and street children in other to provide proper education and care to them.

For many communities in Ghana JSLO provides counseling and other support services to women and children, mainly survivors of violence.

Jomelos Save Life organization is committed to help disadvantaged individuals and families, especially women and children.

The organization was founded in 2000 by its current director, Michael Kinful, and is registered as a legal entity with the Ghanaian corporate commission and the social welfare with registration number G.10.055 and also with the Belgian government as VZW with Organisation number: BE 0876.078.759 

In 2002, Jomelos started its adoption program. At the moment, the organization is taking care of the education and welfare of 68 children, in and around the western Region of Ghana. The foster parent supports the child financially, with love and care and receives letters and pictures from the child every year. Our work is really challenging, because most of the children have never been to school before and our staff and volunteers have to work over time, teaching the children basic things before sending them to local schools.